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Desmond Tutu on the Church

“A church that tries to pacify us, telling us not to concentrate on the things of this world but of the other, the next world, needs to be treated with withering scorn and contempt as being not only wholly irrelevant but actually blasphemous. It deals with pie in the sky when you die – and I am not interested, nobody is interested, in postmortem pies. People around the world want their pies here and now.”
-Demond Tutu, God has a Dream, pg. 65.


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I am a youth worker, husband, dad and drummer.

3 responses to “Desmond Tutu on the Church

  1. Michael VanDerHerberg ⋅

    I want a blueberry pie, right now. I also want a relevant church dealing with issues that others are unwilling to touch… poverty, hypocrisy, greed, overconsumption.

  2. Roberta ⋅

    The gospel has to be relevant for me today in my world, for the things I am faced with today, the things I believe in, the important issues of my life as they connect me to the larger world. The gospel has to speak to me in this moment in a language I understand or what is the point.

  3. I generally don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, incredible work.. beautiful …

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