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Day #1: I Just Want an Apple!!

I am at the end of my first day on the poverty diet, and I don’t feel hungry, I just feel gross. I started with a package of oatmeal and found myself wishing I had chose the box of cereal instead of the three packs of oatmeal. I was board out of my skull eating it, though it didn’t help that I put in to much water so it was more like cold oatmeal soup (Yes, you are reading properly, I did mess up cooking a package of oatmeal, on which the only direction is add water).

After breakfast I found myself getting up repeatedly to go to the fridge to grab an apple, only to remember that apple’s aren’t on the list. The worst part was I said out loud, “All I want is an apple!” and my daughter responded with “Oh me too, can I have an apple Daddy?” So I had to go to the fridge, get one out, cut it up for her and watch her eat it. At one point I think the little three year old stinker was mocking me proclaiming “Mmm, this is my favorite apple!!” The oatmeal didn’t tide me over very long, so I ended up eating one of my granola bars. Only two more left.

For lunch I had a can of pork and beans, though I never found the pork. To be honest I was sort of excited about this because I used to love canned beans. It was OK, it got a lot better when I added some chipotle sauce to it (this may be breaking the rules, but I need my hot sauce). After eating the beans I just felt gross. I really wanted a salad or even just some zucchini in order to get some fresh veggies, but again I couldn’t.

I went shopping with my family in the afternoon to get groceries. I picked out the rest of the items on the list that I hadn’t found in my cupboards. I found it interesting that most of the stuff that was on the list were items that had been pushed to the back of my cupboards because they are either not very good, or they make me feel sick.

After the grocery store we came home and I began to cook up my Kraft Dinner. Now lets be honest, everyone likes Kraft Dinner, I think they put some sort of drug in it that makes you crave it, but when I sat down at the table to eat my Kraft Dinner (with half a can of peas stirred in) it looked pathetic next to the gnocchi with spinach and mushrooms that my wife had made the rest of the family. In order to make me feel a little better I cheated a bit and took a couple bites of my wife’s special ice cream that she has hidden in the freezer (good thing she never reads my blog).

Like I said, I don’t feel hungry, I just feel gross. My digestion feels all out of whack, and it is just hard to get excited about meal times when it comes from a box or a can. We will see how tomorrow goes.


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I am a youth worker, husband, dad and drummer.

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