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Dear Dean: An Open Letter to Dean Del Mastro

Dear Mr. Del Mastro,
I am writing to you with great concern about your address to the House of Commons on October 21st regarding Bill C-304. Sir, so many people in Peterborough are living in horrible conditions or on the street because of the inaccessibility of affordable housing in our community. As a minister at St. John’s Anglican Church I have done funerals for to many friends who have died due to poverty and housing. For you to stand up in the house and say that this bill is “to expensive” pains me greatly. These peoples lives are worth our money and investment.

As a fellow Christian you know that how we love the poor and how we love God are intricately linked. We cannot say that housing them is just to costly, this is not an option.

So sir, I ask that when this Bill comes to a vote, be courageous and vote in favour of it. I know that this will put you at odds with the rest of your party, and I know that this is an extremely hard thing to do, but sir, doing what is right often demands us to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations.

I would like to set up a time when myself and a couple of others could meet with you to discuss this further. I will be awaiting your reply.

Christian Harvey

(Note: Dean’s office has replied letting me know that they received my email and subsequent phone call, but that he is very busy and will contact me to set up a time in the near future.)


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I am a youth worker, husband, dad and drummer.

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