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My Favourite Songs of 2012: Part 3

I know, you were up all night in anticipation for the next five songs!  Well, here they are:

15. Big Bad Wolf– The Heavy from the album The Glorious Dead

These guys are a super funky group from the UK.  They are also the only group that I have ever seen get an encore on Letterman.  Dave actually liked their song “How You Like Me Now” so much that he told them to play the song again.  You can check it out here.  This song is just as great, the funky drums and horns make it great for driving.

14. Boredom and Joy- Jets Overhead from the album Boredom and Joy

Have you been looking for something to fill the Spin Doctors shaped hole that was left in your heart since you overplayed “Two Princes” in your car tape deck.  Well, here is a song that just might do it!  A great pop song from Victoria band Jets Overhead.  You will never be able to listen to it without thinking about the Spin Doctors, but is that really a bad thing?

13. Hold On- Alabama Shakes from the album Boys & Girls

I can almost guarantee that this band will look nothing like you think they will, but their old school southern sound and killer lead vocalist will have your attention quickly.  I also love that their official music video is just them actually performing the song, not lip synching to the album version.

12. Change the Sheets- Kathleen Edwards from the album Voyager

So technically this song was released on the Wapusk EP in 2011, but the full length album wasn’t released until 2012 so I am including it.  Kathleen Edwards is an amazing Canadian song writer and her newest album is one of her best.  She teamed up on this album with producer and her boyfriend Justin Vernon, frontman of one of my favourite groups Bon Iver. See if you can recognize his cameo in this video.  A great track, from a great album.

11. Simple Song- The Shins from the album Port of Morrow

The Shins are like a modern day Beach Boys for me, they write songs that are like a soundtrack for summer.  This first single off their new album is just such a song.  Whenever I would play this song this year my daughter (5) and my son (2) would yell out “SIMPLE SONG” and start to dance.  How could you not love a song that caused instant dance parties?

Tomorrow is the beginning of the countdown of the top 10.

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