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My 25 Favourite Songs of 2012: Part 4

We are finally into the Top 10 songs of 2012 from my humble (but right) perspective.  If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

10. Robotic- Hannah Georgas from the album Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas’ last album was decent, but this one I think is fantastic.  She upped the electronic element to her songs which for me made all the difference.  Robotic, the first single, I think is definitely the high point.  Here she is performing it with members of Holy F@$k, Mother Mother and Teagan and Sara.

9. Lost In the Light- Bahamas from the album Barchords

I once saw Afie Jurvanen (aka Bahamas) perform at the Moho in Peterborough opening for Amy Millan of Stars.  He stole the show.  It was just him and a drummer, but they sounded like a full band.  His guitar skills were amazing (he used to be Feist’s guitarist) his voice was awesome and he was stinking hilarious.  This song is the stand out from his new album, and proves my theory that the key to a great song is awesome background vocals.

8. Emmylou- First Aid Kit from the album The Lion’s Roar

Have you ever thought to yourself “You know, I really would like to listen to more swedish folk music”?  Well, my friends, here is your chance.  A great pair of sisters from just outside of Stolkholm, this song has had me all year.  It could be that this song is named after the great Emmylou Harris, and I have also really been into her song The Pearl this year, but who knows.  A great folk/country song that you will be singing along too.

7. Ho Hey- The Lumineers from the album The Lumineers

Any song that has a recurring hey that you can yell along to grabs me, and this one is even named after it.  A super catchy song that is starting to get more and more airplay.  These guys are sort of riding on the Mumford and Sons pseudo folk bandwagon, but they do it really well so I don’t mind.  Also, a really fun video.

6. Take A Walk- Passion Pit from the album Gossamer

If I were to book a band for a dance party, Passion Pit would be in the running.  A great band, and this particular song tells a great story.


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