On Being a False Teacher


The other day a friend of mine tweeted “false teachers are usually nice guys. Don’t be fooled.”

Probably a true statement, but it got me thinking about the label false teacher.

Now I don’t ever use the phrase “false teacher”, I don’t think I have ever even thought it about someone, but we all have language that basically gets across the same point.  Our words might be different, but when I label someone a “fundamentalist” or a “conservative”, or any other words I use to dismiss someones point of view I am pretty much labelling them a false teacher.  So basically, those I consider to be false teachers are those who’s ideas I don’t agree with and therefore keep at a distance.  I label them as false teachers (or fundamentalists, or conservatives) so I don’t have to engage with them or listen to them.  I don’t have to view them as a person but rather just a label.  Image Continue reading